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2020 Jordan Sneaker is no shortage of sand dunes in the market, the gates are still open, bringing us more and more color channels. It is difficult to determine which pair is the police and which pair is a drop, but a new iteration particularly caught our attention, the lemon drip and slam dunk low. One of the best coloring methods this year, Lemon Drop has a light leather upper and suede cover. The NikeSwoosh on the side is just yellow, because the materialized design is designed to imitate the texture of lemon peel. On a further theme, a lemon appears on the heel of an embroidered pattern. The traditional Nike brand appears on the tongue, heel and insole to complete the perfect design.

New Jordan starts one year and ends next year. It is difficult to say what the best basketball shoe this year is, and it can sometimes be confusing. However, as this year's NBA season continues after the mandatory suspension of the coronavirus, we reviewed some of the best basketball models for the 2020-21 season. Although peripheral issues, such as hype or exclusivity, usually affect our perception of footwear, this time we have chosen those options that will truly serve you on the court. Therefore, adaptability, traction, reliability and overall appearance are all integrated into it. LeBron17 is equipped with LeBron James classic sneakers, equipped with the largest AirMax air cushion on the heel. The front foot is also equipped with two independent air zoom pockets to effectively enhance the cushioning effect. The design is basically the same as the added MaxAir heel design. Thanks to the richly textured combat knit 2.0 upper, it still exudes an aggressive atmosphere.

New Air Force 1 reimagined by Ralph Simmons made his first bold appearance on the footwear stage, even the most open sneakers were confused. Just like directly from the outer space, the shoe is a left turn of the casual shoe landscape at that time. Since then, flagship sports shoes have become a must-have for luxury residences and designers. Names like Balenciaga and Alexander McQueen quickly acted as required, while other names took longer. However, seven years later, it is now difficult for you to find a name in the luxury category of sneakers that did not appear on its top ten bestseller list. Having a wide selection is usually a great thing, but luxury sneakers are a new trajectory in the fashion world, and it can all get a lot. This is why the task of high-snobbish designers is to create the only luxury sneakers that need to be understood. The low-key selection of Margiela and Feibai™ opposes the loud styles of Balenciaga and Gucci to ensure that there is every taste.